The Pipeline of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

Entrepreneurs are people who create wealth by capturing market opportunities and converting them into business assets; they are the “engines” of economic development in a community.  We prize large companies, but all large companies were once small companies started by entrepreneurs.  An entrepreneurial economy requires entrepreneurs.

The critical determinant of an economy’s vitality is the quantity and quality of its entrepreneurs and how well they are matched to the market opportunities they pursue. Since it is indeed possible to develop entrepreneurs, the supply is not fixed. Our society methodically cultivates many other kinds of talent; why not entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship must be both encouraged and supported, but in strategic ways. Entrepreneurs are not all the same; they have differing needs. This is the challenge we are addressing.

This site features information about a new approach to mapping and analyzing the business assets in your community or region, known as the Pipeline of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises.

By effectively segmenting the marketplace of entrepreneurs and enterprises, the Pipeline enables community and regional leaders to answer fundamental questions about who these entrepreneurs are, what they need and how to best help them build successful companies.

Developed by Gregg A. Lichtenstein, Ph.D. and Thomas S. Lyons Ph.D., this approach is described in our book, Investing in Entrepreneurs: A Strategic Approach for Strengthening Your Regional and Community Economy (ABC-CLIO / Praeger, 2010). For more information about the book or to order, please go

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