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In addition to having launched and operated our own businesses and social ventures, we have had the privilege of working directly with more than 1,500 entrepreneurs on numerous long-term consulting engagements, strategic alliances, and counseling and coaching relationships. We've engaged businesses representing many different industries, markets and locations - urban as well as rural. We have worked with high-tech and low-tech firms, service businesses as well as manufacturers, publicly held companies, family-held firms, and mom-and-pop shops. We've worked with entrepreneurs from different countries, vastly different cultures within the same country, from different races and ethnic groups, and from both genders. Many have had advanced degrees; some have never finished college. It is from these experiences with entrepreneurs, both successful and unsuccessful, that we have developed our approach.

At the same time, we have worked extensively with economic developers, government agencies at all levels and public policymakers, to develop and implement programs to successfully support entrepreneurs.

We specialize in using the Pipeline of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises to design regional or community innovation systems. The right business design or architecture for an innovation system can be the source of incredible power and competitive advantage in the marketplace for both communities and corporations.

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