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Gregg A. Lichtenstein
is CEO of Collaborative Strategies, LLC in New Jersey that specializes in working with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and strategic alliances. Gregg has worked directly with over 1,200 businesses in more than 70 industries (from Fortune 1000 firms to startups, manufacturers, high-tech and service companies) as well as nonprofit organizations and local, state and national governments on venturing, incubation, business strategy, marketing and new product development.

In addition to having received a Ph.D. from the Wharton School in Entrepreneurship and Social Systems Sciences, Gregg is and continues to be an entrepreneur – having started and led two technology ventures and actively participated in four others. His intense appreciation of the entrepreneur’s perspective comes from being one himself.

Gregg, who designed Entrepreneurial League System® (ELS) with Tom Lyons, operates the system in various parts of the U.S. The ELS is an innovative coaching system for entrepreneurs.

Gregg has published widely on entrepreneurship, economic development and strategic alliances in academic and popular business outlets. He has authored, along with his colleague Dr. Thomas Lyons, the first comprehensive reference on working with startups – Incubating New Enterprises, published by the Aspen Institute, which has also been translated into Spanish and published in South America.

Gregg A. Lichtenstein, Ph.D                                  
Chief Executive Officer
Collaborative Strategies, LLC
411 N. Exeter Avenue
Margate, NJ 08402-1867
P: (609) 703-1008

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