The Pipeline of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises
What is a Pipeline
Goals of a Pipeline Analysis
Actual Pipeline Data
Two Key Discoveries
About the Pipeline
There are important differences among entrepreneurs and enterprises. Entrepreneurs cannot all be treated in the same way – one size does not fit all. When people try to do so, in the interest of keeping things simple, they risk being both ineffective and inefficient.

The characteristics many people tend to focus on are not useful – gender, age, educational background and market sector. Such features can be measured, but they do not tell us anything about how to work with these entrepreneurs. It is like trying to diagnose a car’s mechanical problems by examining the paint job.

The Pipeline is a map that captures the crucial differences among entrepreneurs, differences that give us important information about how we must work with them. It offers a much more effective and actionable means of segmenting our market or customer base.

The ultimate reason for utilizing the Pipeline of Entrepreneurs and Enterprises is to take a more systemic approach to economic development. We describe how this method is connected to our vision of implementing an Entrepreneurial Development System in the website section labeled The EDS.

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